How we at Scarborough Bed Warehouse are responding to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the UK is now a rapidly changing and uncertain landscape.
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted every area of our lives and altered the way we live and as such we
at Scarborough Bed Warehouse are changing how we work to help us all manage as best we can during an uncertain time.  We have put  in place new practices for both our employees and Customers to follow to ensure as best we can the safety of all.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
All employees are provided with: washable as well as disposable face masks,
disposable gloves, visors, hand sanitizers and a washable/disposable suit.

To keep contact to a minimum our employees are 'partnered' with the same employee as far
as possible.  Employee numbers into the work place are therefore reduced to 2 or occasionally 3
people at any given time.

At certain times when there are more employees on site, they will be working in different areas of the building and when they have no choice but to work in close proximity to each other they will be wearing the PPE provided and ensure that they wash or sterilize their hands often.


Regularly and throughout the day employees will:

  •    wash/sterilize their hands, personal equipment, desk, computer etc.
  •    wipe over hand rails, door knobs, computer keyboards, and all surfaces that are regularly touched by anyone.
  •    ensure they wear PPE when leaving the office or are in close proximity to another person.
  •    keep the kitchen and washroom clean and wipe surfaces in both after their personal use.


No-one is to come into the premises if they have a high temperature or are displaying any flu-like or
Corvid 19 symptoms.

Customers, we request that you:

  •    sterilize your hands with the hand sanitizer provided
  •    wear a face mask
  •    touch as few surfaces as possible
  •    respect the 2 metre social distancing
  •    limit the number of beds you try to only those you might wish to purchase.
  •    ensure you use the Paper from the roll before trying out mattresses and beds.
  •    dispose of the paper in the bins provided.


To maintain the safety of our customers and staff, everyone is asked to keep at least 2 metres apart at all times and ideally only enter a showroom when that showroom is free of others.

Regrettably, we are not able to serve customers in the showrooms as we normally would, but we will be at the service desk, behind perspex screening, to offer assistance and help with your purchases.

Where anyone finds they are unable to maintain the 2 metres distancing requirement, please use the second stairway through the warehouse to exit or to return to the service desk on the ground floor.


Customers are advised that delivery is to the front door only.  

Where our suppliers offer DHD into customers homes we will take advantage of this service.  
This service  may be included in the price for those products at the top end of the market.  For more
budget priced purchases DHD into customers homes, if available, will need to be charged for.


Customers may collect their purchases from the warehouse, with both parties maintaining the two
metres distancing rule.