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Scarborough Bed Warehouse is a family business and has been operating from edge of town warehouse premises for over 30 years.   We're the biggest bed specialist on the Yorkshire Coast.  

Our approach has always been to specialise in beds. 

How specialising benefits you

Huge Selection
We have an unrivaled selection of beds and mattresses to choose from, all on display and most importantly available to try.
So whether you're looking for a simple fold-up guest bed or a top of the range handmade pocket spring divan bed you're sure to find just the bed for you. 

Discount Prices
We buy in bulk so are able to negotiate the lowest prices and get special offers and discounts from top brand suppliers. 
The big savings we make are passed on to you.

Product Knowledge
Our staff only deal in beds and mattresses so we know the products and the market in depth. We're also up to date with the latest sleep research and current best practice.

Access to bespoke products
Being a specialist also means being able to source those unusual products that aren't easily available elsewhere. 
If you need a 2'3" x 5'9" mattress for you caravan it's no sweat for us!

No Pushy Sales Staff.

We don't like being sprung upon when we enter a shop and we don't suppose you do either!  If you want to spend an hour or two wandering around trying beds, that's absolutely fine, we're happy to leave you to it. 
However, if you have questions or want advice, our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff will do everything possible to make your bed buying experience as enjoyable and straight forward as they can.

Local deliveries by local drivers

Our service doesn't end when you leave the shop.  The vast majority of deliveries are made by our own drivers in our own vehicles; and not just to your doorstep!

Our standard FREE delivery service includes taking the goods into the room where you want them.  We're also happy to assemble the more awkward divan beds such as electric adjustable beds or ottoman storage beds at no extra charge.

Disposal service

We know it's not easy to get rid of old beds and mattresses.  We can take them away for you at the same time as we delivery your new one for a small charge to cover the costs of disposing of them safely.

After Sales Service

Even after our delivery drivers have left, you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that we're right here in town for the lifetime of the bed.  If you have any concerns about how your bed or mattress is performing, it's easy to give us a ring or pop in to speak to us face to face.  We'll always do our best to put any problems right.

Our approach must be working because many of our customers and their families return time and again to renew their beds.
That's why we're confident to say we're...

Number 1 for beds!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us:

by phone: 01723 351313;

email: info@bedwarehouse.com

Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.30pm.